Typesetting system "TERRA / TERRA"

Facade: MDF with painted elements, patinated, lacquered: Italian walnut. Glass with artistic treatment.
Body: Caravaggio walnut color.

The typesetting system consists of:

Collection itemWxHxD (m.)
Showcase 1-door0,78 x 2,29 x 0,53
Chest of drawers-BAR1,51х1,3х0,54
2-door wardrobe 1,02×2,29x 0,59
Chest of drawers 3 doors1,31х1,03х0,54
Showcase 2 doors1,01х2,29х0,53
1-door showcase with mirror 0,78 x2,01×0,55
Chest of drawers-TV 1,51х0,67х0,54
2-door wardrobe1,03х2,01х0,62
Chest of drawers-TV1,51х0,67х0,54
2-door showcase with mirror1,32 x 2,01 x 0,55
Chest of drawers 3 doors 1,31х1,03х0,54
Chest of drawers670: 0,67 x 1,13 x 0,44
2-door wardrobe 1,02 x 2,29 x 0,59
Hanging shelf1,0х0,04х0,22
Showcase 1-door0,82х2,19х0,52
Chest of drawers-TV1,55х0,68х0,54
Showcase 2 doors1,03 х 2,19 x0,52
Showcase 1-door1,77х2,13х0,45
Sideboard with a showcase in the center var. # 21,77х2,13х0,45