Export prices
NAMESIZE (WxHxD) US dollars
Typesetting system TIBO / TIBO. NEW Facade: Particleboard0
Showcase 1-door0.50×2.02×0.40 m.99
Chest of drawers 1.751.75×0.90×0.40 m.131
Chest of drawers 1.251.25×0.90×0.40 m.113
Chest of drawers 1.001.00×1.20×0.40 m.126
Chest of drawers with showcase0.90×1.39×0.40 m.120
Chest of drawers TV 1.501.50×0.60×0.40 m.82
Dresser TV 1.751.75×0.60×0.40 m.89
2-door wardrobe0.90×2.02×0.40 m.136
Typesetting system NORVEN / NORVEN. NEW Facade: Particleboard0
Showcase 1-door0.50×1.95×0.40 m.109
Showcase 2 doors0.80×1.95×0.40 m.152
Chest of drawers 1.401.40×0.90×0.40 m.103
Chest of drawers 0.900.90×0.90×0.40 m.97
Dresser TV 1.801.80×0.55×0.40 m.84
Table 0.900.90×0.45×0.60 m.61
2-door wardrobe0.80×1.95×0.52 m.117
Typesetting system NABUCCO LIGHT / NABUCCO LIGHT. NEW Facade: MDF0
Showcase 1-door0.60×1.97×0.41 m.141
Dresser TV1.41×0.60×0.41 m.98
Chest of drawers 3 doors1.36×1.00×0.41 m.119
Chest of drawers bar1.36×1.00×0.41 m.132
2-door wardrobe1.05×1.97×0.57 m.139
Typesetting system VIKKI / VIKKI. NEW0
3-door wardrobe1.55×2.12×0.56 m.207
Chest of drawers0.90×0.92×0.46 m.102
Nightstand0.40×0.45×0.39 m.39
Bed 2-joint venture (160×200) lifting mechanism2.07×1.71×1.07 m.289
Set (wardrobe, chest of drawers, bedside table-2 pcs, bed) 676
Type-setting system INVOGA / INVOGA. NEW Facade: Particleboard0
Showcase0.60×2.07×0.42 m.159
Dresser TV 1,621.03×1.57×0.42 m.118
Chest of drawers bar1.50×0.25×0.42 m.154
Chest of drawers 1.621.03×1.37×0.42 m.147
OTTO / OTTO dialing system. NEW Facade: Particleboard0
Showcase number 10.60×2.07×0.42 m.161
Showcase No. 21.03×1.57×0.42 m.168
Chest of drawers 2 doors1.03×1.37×0.42 m.107
Dresser TV1.50×0.25×0.42 m.70
Extension for dresser TV No. 1 with fastening1.00×0.22×0.30 m.71
Extension for dresser TV No. 2 with fastening1.00×0.42×0.30 m.95
Extension for dresser TV No. 3 with fastening1.30×0.63×0.30 m.109
RENE / RENE typesetting system. NEW Facade: Particleboard0
Showcase number 10.91×1.99×0.42 m.160
Showcase No. 20.91×1.50×0.42 m.122
Chest of drawers 3 doors1.36×1.00×0.42 m.123
Chest of drawers 0.910.91×1.09×0.42 m.106
Dresser TV1.36×0.64×0.42 m.99
Typesetting system COSMO / COSMO. NEW Facade: painted MDF0
Single showcase0.62×2.02×0.44 m.155
Chest of drawers 3 doors1.67×1.07×0.42 m.199
Chest of drawers bar1.11×1.37×0.42 m.182
Dresser TV1.67×0.69×0.42 m.143
Type-setting system MONTE / MONTE. NEW Facade: painted MDF0
Single showcase No. 10.55×2.00×0.41 m.140
Single showcase No. 20.55×2.00×0.41 m.135
Pencil case0.55×2.00×0.41 m.125
Pencil case with drawer0.55×2.00×0.41 m.144
Dresser TV1.55×0.80×0.41 m.146
Chest of drawers 4 doors1.05×1.50×0.41 m.165
Chest of drawers 3 doors1.55×1.01×0.41 m.165
FABI / FABI typesetting system. NEW Facade: painted MDF0
Single showcase No. 10.68×1.99×0.46 m.172
Single showcase No. 20.68×1.50×0.46 m.139
Chest of drawers 1.251.25×1.50×0.46 m.196
Chest of drawers 0.990.99×1.50×0.46 m.156
Dresser TV1.88×0.80×0.46 m.192
Typesetting system VELVET / VELVET. NEW Facade: pressed MDF0
Showcase0.61×1.98×0.41 m.143
Pencil case with showcase0.91×1.98×0.41 m.189
Pencil case with drawer0.61×1.98×0.41 m.138
Chest of drawers with showcase1.4×1.37×0.41 m.219
Chest of drawers 1.101.10×1.37×0.41 m.175
Dresser TV 1.591.59×0.71×0.41 m.130
Typesetting system AURA / AURA. NEW Facade: MDF patinated, lacquered0
Showcase 1-door0.63×1.96×0.40 m.173
Showcase 2-door1.22×1.96×0.40 m.272
Chest of drawers 1.221.22×1.43×0.40 m.204
Chest of drawers 1.671.67×1.43×0.40 m284
Dresser TV 1.221.22×0.8×0.40 m.129
Dresser TV 1.671.67×0.8×0.40 m.143
Typesetting system LUCCA ART / LUCCA ART. NEW Facade: MDF embossed, patinated, varnished0
Showcase 1-door0.87×2.18×0.45 m.182
Showcase 2-door1.52×2.18×0.45 m.285
Chest of drawers-BAR1.38×1.67×0.41 m.255
Chest of drawers bar with showcase1.9×1.67×0.41 m347
Chest of drawers 2 doors 1.421.42×1.09×0.41 m.199
Chest of drawers 3 doors 2.072.07×1.09×0.41 m.262
Typesetting system TOSCANA-NOVA ART / TOSCANA-NOVA ART. NEW Facade: MDF pressed, patinated, varnished0
Showcase 1-door0.87×2.15×0.45 m.176
Showcase 2-door1.48×2.15×0.45 m.270
Chest of drawers-BAR1.9×1.26×0.41 m.250
Commode-TV1.3×0.86×0.41 m.160
Commode-TV1.9×0.86×0.41 m.200
Chest of drawers with showcase1.3×1.26×0.41 m198
Chest of drawers 2 doors 1.381.38×1.06×0.41 m.181
Chest of drawers 2 doors 1.91.9×1.06×0.41 m.258
Hanging shelf1.6×0.04×0.25 m27
Hanging shelf1.0×0.04×0.25 m23
Option mirror Showcase 1-door0.87×2.15×045 m26
Option mirror Showcase 2-door1.48×2.15×045 m39
Option mirror Chest of drawers bar1.9×1.26×0.41 m.21
Option mirror Chest of drawers with showcase1.3×1.26×0.41 m21
Typesetting system TOSCANA ART / TOSCANA ART. NEW Facade: MDF pressed, patinated, varnished0
Showcase 1-door0.84×2.12×0.45 m.148
Showcase 2 doors1.45×2.12×0.45 m.239
Chest of drawers-BAR1.6×1.23×0.41 m.189
Commode-TV1.89×0.83×0.41 m.158
Chest of drawers 2 doors 1.371.37×1.03×0.41 m.157
Chest of drawers 2 doors 1.891.89×1.03×0.41 m.193
Typesetting system TOSCANA ECO / TOSCANA ECO. NEW Facade: pressed MDF, patinated, varnished0
Showcase 1-door0.84×2.13×0.45 m.131
Showcase 2 doors1.45×2.13×0.45 m.240
Chest of drawers-BAR1.6×1.18×0.41 m.173
Commode-TV1.89×0.78×0.41 m.145
Chest of drawers 2 doors 1.371.37×0.98×0.41 m.135
Chest of drawers 2 doors 1.891.89×0.98×0.41 m.180
Typesetting system GARDA / GARDA. NEW Facade: pressed MDF, patinated, varnished0
Sideboard 1 glass door1.19×1.98×0.43 m.218
Sideboard 3 glass doors1.19×1.98×0.43 m.223
Pencil case0.62×1.98×0.43 m.96
Double pencil case1.19×1.66×0.43 m.196
TV cabinet1.19×0.47×0.43 m.68
Curbstone 2 doors1.19×0.65×0.43 m.76
Curbstone hinged1.19×0.62×0.43 m.72
Hinged curbstone (facade glass)1.19×0.67×0.39 m.76
Wall shelf1.0×0.03×0.20 m.30
option (mirror) for Curbstone hinged (glass facade) 26
option (mirror) for Sideboard 3-glass doors 31
ATHENA / AFINA typesetting system. NEW Facades embossing0
Showcase 1-door option No. 10.69×2.13×0.45 m.142
Showcase 1-door option No. 20.69×2.13×0.45 m.164
Showcase 1-door option No. 30.69×1.52×0.45 m.122
Showcase 1-door option No. 40.69×1.74×0.45 m.141
Showcase 2-door option No. 11.3×2.13×0.45 m.244
Showcase 2-door option No. 21.3×2.13×0.45 m.269
Showcase 2-door option No. 31.3×1.52×0.45 m.187
Showcase 2-door option No. 41.3×1.74×0.45 m.215
Framed mirror1.3×0.7×0.025 m.41
Chest of drawers1.91×0.98×0.45 m.205
2-door chest of drawers1.3×0.98×0.45 m.139
Chest of drawers with niches1.91×1.18×0.45 m.235
Chest of drawers1.3×0.98×0.45 m.159
Dresser TV1.91×0.76×0.45 m.159
Hanging shelf1×0.04×0.22 m.25
Sideboard2.32×1.81×0.45 m.380
Small sideboard, left1.18×1.81×0.45 m.226
Small sideboard, right1.18×1.81×0.45 m.226
Sideboard with a showcase in the center option No. 11.77×2.13×0.45 m.314
Sideboard with a showcase in the center option No. 21.77×2.13×0.45 m.314
Chloe / HLOYA typesetting system. Embossing facades0
Showcase 1-door0.71×2.11×0.46 m.194
Showcase 1 door with 2 drawers0.71×2.11×0.46 m.184
Showcase 2 doors1.35×2.11×0.46 m.311
Dresser bar1.97×1.71×0.46 m.309
Chest of drawers with showcase1.35×1.71×0.46 m.232
Dresser TV1.97×0.78×0.46 m.206
Chest of drawers 3 doors1.97×1.09×0.46 m.281
Wall shelf 1.301.30×0.10×0.22 m.29
GRANDA / GRANDA typesetting system. Carved facades0
Showcase 1-door0.83×2.26×0.46 m.253
Showcase 1-door back wall with MIRROR0.83×2.26×0.46 m.253
Corner showcase0.77×2.26×0.77 m.267
Showcase 2 doors1.41×2.26×0.46 m.405
Chest of drawers-BAR 1.361.36×1.57×0.45 m.310
Chest-BAR 1.731.73×1.23×0.45 m.316
Dresser TV 1,371.37×0.85×0.45 m.190
Dresser TV 1.941.94×0.85×0.45 m.255
Chest of drawers 2-door 1.371.37×1.06×0.45 m.253
Chest of drawers 3-door 1.941.94×1.06×0.45 m.317
Mirror 1.301.30×0.88×0.1 m.78
Shelf 1.301.30×0.10×0.22 m.26
Typesetting system VENICE / VENEZIA. Facades with painting0
Showcase 1-door0.79×2.27×0.49 m280
Chest of drawers-BAR2.07×1.20×0.52 m333
2-door chest of drawers1.46×1.20×0.52 m226
Dresser TV1.84×0.99×0.52 m.219
Sideboard2.03×0.55×0.44 m.139
Typesetting system TOSCANA-NOVA / TOSCANA-NOVA. Carved facades0
Showcase 1-door option No. 10.87×2.27×0.50 m.232
Showcase 1-door option No. 20.87×2.27×0.50 m.243
Corner showcase0.77×2.27×0.77 m.222
Showcase 2-door option No. 11.52×2.27×0.50 m.405
Showcase 2-door option No. 21.52×2.27×0.50 m.430
Showcase 3-door option No. 12.09×2.27×0.50 m.554
Showcase 3-door option No. 22.09×2.27×0.50 m.554
Chest of drawers TV 1.901.91×0.84×0.49 m.284
Chest of drawers-BAR1.62×1.26×0.49 m.303
Chest of drawers 2-door 1.901.91×1.04×0.49 m.357
Chest of drawers 2-door 1.381.38×1.04×0.49 m.229
Dining table 1.601.60×0.78×0.80 m.98
Dining table 1.801.80×0.78×0.80 m.103
Mirror with cornice 1.541.54×1.00×0.14 m.106
Mirror with cornice 1.181.18×1.00×0.14 m.96
Mirror with cornice 0.90.9×1.00×0.14 m.79
Console 1.021.02×0.95×0.34 m.143
Console 1.561.56×0.95×0.34 m.218
2-door wardrobe1.35×2.27×0.63 m.407
3-door wardrobe2.09×2.27×0.63 m.560
Bed 2 bd. (160×200) base for the mattress chipboard2.08×1.79×1.06194
Bed 2 bd. (180×200) base for the mattress chipboard2.08×1.99×1.06199
Bedside table (with 2 drawers)0.54×0.57×0.45 m.77
Typesetting system TUSCANA-LUCCA / TOSCANA-LUCCA. Carved facades0
Showcase 1-door option No. 10.87×2.32×0.50 m.232
Showcase 1-door option No. 20.87×2.32×0.50 m.243
Corner showcase0.77×2.32×0.77 m.229
Showcase 2-door option No. 11.52×2.32×0.50 m.405
Showcase 2-door option No. 21.52×2.32×0.50 m.430
Chest of drawers TV 1.901.91×0.91×0.49 m.285
Chest of drawers-BAR1.62×1.31×0.49 m.303
Chest of drawers 2-door 1.901.90×1.11×0.49 m.357
Chest of drawers 2-door 1.381.38×1.11×0.49 m.229
Mirror with cornice 1.541.54×1.00×0.14 m.105
Mirror with cornice 1.181.18×1.00×0.14 m.96
Mirror with cornice 0.90.9×1.00×0.14 m.81
Typesetting system TUSCANA / TOSCANA. Carved facades0
Showcase 1 door option 10.84×2.24×0.49m185
Showcase 1 door option 20.84×2.24×0.49m189
Corner showcase0.75×2.24×0.75 m.193
Showcase 2-door option 11.45×2.24×0.49 m.314
Showcase 2-door option 21.45×2.24×0.49 m.316
Showcase 3-door option 12.07×2.24×0.49 m.452
Showcase 3-door option 22.07×2.24×0.49 m.473
Commode-TV1.28×0.83×0.48 m.135
Chest of drawers-BAR1.60×1.24×0.48m234
2-door chest of drawers1.89×1.03×0.48m256
Chest of drawers 1-door1.37×1.03×0.48m187
2-door chest of drawers1.37×1.03×0.48m182
2-door wardrobe1.45×2.24×0.61m243
3-door wardrobe1.97×2.24×0.61m335
4-door wardrobe2.38×2.24×0.61 m.445
Mirror frame 1.091.09×0.72m62
Mirror frame 1.611.61×0.72m74
Bed 2 bd. (160×200) base for the mattress chipboard2.08×1.79×1.06196
Bed 2 bd. (180×200) base for the mattress chipboard2.08×1.99×1.06201
Dressing table1.44×0.85×0.40 m.121
Bedside table No. 1 (with the 1st drawer)0.48×0.44×0.44 m.38
Bedside table No. 2 (with 2 drawers)0.53×0.55×0.44 m.56
Typesetting system NOVITA / NOVITA. Carved facades0
Showcase 1-door0.80×2.36×0.49m273
Corner showcase0.73×2.36×0.73 m.260
Chest of drawers-Bar1.35×1.23×0.51m312
Chest of drawers-Bar2.22×1.23×0.51m461
2-door chest of drawers1.73×1.09×0.49m336
2-door chest of drawers1.35×1.09×0.49m295
Chest of drawers 1-door1.35×1.09×0.49m273
3-door wardrobe1.87×2.36×0.58m443
4-door wardrobe2.39×2.36×0.58m589
Mirror frame 1.091.09×0.72m65
Mirror frame 1.611.61×0.72m73
Bed 2 bd. (160×200) base for the mattress chipboard2.08×1.79×1.06224
Bed 2 bd. (180×200) base for the mattress chipboard2.08×1.99×1.06230
Nightstand0.48×0.44×0.44 m.36
Typesetting system NABUCCO / NABUCCO. 0
Showcase 1-door0.72×2.12×0.49 m.155
1-door showcase with drawer (chipboard shelves)0.82×2.12×0.49 m.155
1-door showcase with drawer (glass shelves)0.82×2.12×0.49 m.164
Corner showcase0.72×2.12×0.72 m.171
2-door showcase with drawer1.17×2.12×0.49 m.218
Showcase 3 doors1.57×2.12×0.49 m.303
Chest of drawers with showcase0.92×1.49×0.43 m.165
Chest of drawers 3 doors1.52×1.07×0.50 m.175
Chest of drawers – bar1.26×1.49×0.43 m.219
Chest of drawers 1.001.0×1.06×0.45 m.133
TV cabinet 1.201.20×0.57×0.50 m.113
TV stand 1.721.72×0.57×0.50 m.148
Display cabinet1.12×2.12×0.49 m.209
2-door wardrobe1.17×2.12×0.59 m.216
3-door wardrobe 1.621.62×2.12×0.59291
3-door wardrobe 1.62 MIRROR1.62×2.12×0.59301
3-door wardrobe 1.471.47×2.12×0.59 m.209
3-door wardrobe 1.47 MIRROR1.47×2.12×0.59 m.213
Mirror 1.101.10×0.65 m.56
Shelf 1.201.20×0.06×0.22 m.25
Shelf 1.601.60×0.06×0.22 m.29
Bed 2 bd. (160×200) base for the mattress chipboard2.06×1.01×1.77 m.147
Bed 2 bd. (180×200) base for the mattress chipboard2.06×1.01×1.97 m.152
Nightstand0.54×0.48×0.37 m.45
Typesetting system LAURA NOVA. Carved facades0
Showcase 1 door0.67×2.08×0.50 m.151
Showcase 2 doors0.98×2.08×0.50 m.203
Corner showcase0.62×2.08×0.62m168
Chest of drawers – BAR1.29×1.04×0.48m176
2-door chest of drawers1.12×0.88×0.48m148
Chest of drawers0.94×0.88×0.48m131
2-door wardrobe0.98×2.08×0.59m192
3-door wardrobe1.37×2.08×0.59m252
4-door wardrobe1.77×2.08×0.59m294
Framed mirror1.0×0.6m45
Bed 2 bd. (160×200) base for the mattress chipboard1.73×1.02×2.06 m164
Nightstand0.51×0.55×0.48 m60
Typesetting system TERRA / TERRA Facades lacquered 0
Showcase 2 doors1.01×2.29×0.53 m.172
One-door showcase0.78×2.29×0.53m128
Showcase one door. with mirror0.78×2.01×0.55m194
Showcase 2 doors with mirror1.32×2.01×0.55m294
Corner showcase0.71×2.29×0.71 m.144
Chest of drawers 3 doors1.31×1.03×0.54m148
Chest of drawers-Bar1.51×1.13×0.54m173
Dresser 6700,67х1,13х0,44m96
Dresser 10101.01×1.13×0.44m128
Sideboard for 3 doors. Dresser1.44×1.26×0.48m128
Wardrobe 2 doors 1.03×2.01×0.62m1.03×2.01×0.62m140
Wardrobe 2 doors 1.03×2.29×0.58m1.02×2.29×0.59m152
3-door wardrobe 1.41×2.29×0.58m1.43×2.29×0.59m212
4 door wardrobe 1.78×2.29×0.58m1.78×2.29×0.59m270
Bed 2 bd. (160×200) base for the mattress chipboard2.08×1.78×1.06 m.157
Typesetting system TERRA-NOVA / TERRA-NOVA. Carved facades – lacquered0
Showcase 1-door0.70×2.13×0.45 m.214
Showcase 2 doors1.18×2.13×0.45 m.327
Chest of drawers 1-door0.68×1.16×0.52 m.151
2-door chest of drawers1.16×1.16×0.52 m.208
Chest of drawers 3 doors1.64×1.16×0.52 m.283
Dresser TV 1.161.16×0.93×0.52 m.172
Dresser TV 1.641.64×0.93×0.52 m.210
Mirror 1.091.09×0.72 m.65
Mirror 1.611.61×0.72 m.73
3-door wardrobe1.66×2.13×0.57 m.399
2-door wardrobe1.18×2.13×0.57 m.290
Typesetting system Verona / VERONA Facades lacquered 0
One-door showcase0.75×2.10×0.47 m.116
Showcase 2 doors0.99×2.10×0.47 m.151
Showcase 3 doors1.32×2.10×0.47 m.222
Corner showcase0.70×2.10×0.70 m.133
2-door wardrobe0.99×2.08×0.62 m.146
Library0.99×2.10×0.47 m.110
Dresser-TV 1.151.15×0.66×0.54 m.78
Commode-TV 1.501.50×0.66×0.54 m.103
Dresser 5400.54×1.01×0.48 m.103
Dresser 9100.91×1.01×0.48 m.131
Dresser 9300.93×1.07×0.54 m.139
Dresser 13401.34×1.07×0.54 m.192
Bedroom set with 3 doors closet 1270
Bedroom set with 4 doors closet 1370
Bedroom set with 5 doors closet 1470
Bedroom set with 6 doors. closet 1570
Wardrobe 3 doors2.03×2.26×0.61 m.485
Wardrobe 4 doors2.53×2.26×0.61 m.581
Wardrobe 5 doors3.04×2.26×0.61 m.658
6-door wardrobe3.53×2.26×0.61 m.762
Chest of drawers1.14×1.06×0.45 m.207
Mirror1.00×0.88×0.1 m.77
Nightstand0.56×0.57×0.40 m.81
Bed 1.80 (polyurethane / upholstered foot and headboard)2.06×1.32×2.00 m.342
Bedroom C-20
Bed 2 bd. (160×200) (soft foot and headboard)2.07×1.62×1.19 m.246
Bed 2 bd. (180×200) (soft foot and headboard)2.07×1.82×1.19 m.261
Nightstand0.50×0.47×0.48 m.53
Chest of drawers0.94×0.81×0.48 m.126
Framed mirror0.90×0.70 m.32
Sliding wardrobe 2-door 1.661.66×2.27×0.72 m.416
Sliding wardrobe 2-door 1.66 MIRROR1.66×2.27×0.72 m.416
Sliding wardrobe 3 doors 2.372.37×2.27x, 72 m.567
Sliding wardrobe 3 doors 2.37 MIRROR2.37×2.27x, 72 m.567
Bedroom C-3 Lacquered facades0
Sliding wardrobe 3-door 2.92.90×2.40×0.68 m.548
Sliding wardrobe 3-door 2.9 mirror2.90×2.40×0.68 m.548
Sliding wardrobe 2-door 2.12.11×2.40×0.68 m.403
Sliding wardrobe 2-door 2.1 mirror2.11×2.40×0.68 m.403
Sliding wardrobe 2-door 1.91.91×2.40×0.68 m.389
Sliding wardrobe 2-door 1.9 mirror1.91×2.40×0.68 m.389
Bed “MIRA” 2nd joint venture (160×200) base for the mattress chipboard2.06×1.04×1.77 m.220
Mirror0.9×0.9 m.30
Dresser 10101.01×1.16×0.50 m.153
Bedside table with 2 drawers0.51×0.55×0.47 m.51
Bedroom C-5 Lacquered facades0
Sliding wardrobe 2-door 2.02.0×2.40×0.70m510
Sliding wardrobe 2-door 1.801.80×2.40×0.70m418
Bed 2 bd. (160×200) base for the mattress chipboard2.08×1.79×1.06 m.164
Nightstand0.51×0.55×0.47 m.73
Chest of drawers1.01×1.23×0.48 m.191
MIRA bedroom0
Bedroom set with 3 doors closet 714
Bedroom set with 4 doors closet 775
4-door wardrobe 274
3-door wardrobe 213
Chest of drawers 135
Framed mirror 44
Bed 2 bd. (160×200) base for the mattress chipboard 220
Nightstand 51
* the set includes: wardrobe, chest of drawers, mirror, bed (1.60×2.00), bedside table. – 2 pcs.0
Bedroom MARGO Lacquered facades0
4-door wardrobe2.12×2.20×0.60m335
Bed 2 bd. (160×200) base for the mattress chipboard2.08×1.04×1.78178
Chest of drawers1.07×0.97×0.55109
Mirror 28
PRINCESS BEDROOM Lacquered facades0
4-door wardrobe2.23×2.20×0.62299
3-door wardrobe1.74×2.20×0.62257
2-door wardrobe1.23×2.20×0.62187
Dresser 10501.05×1.15×0.48158
Chest of drawers 6000.60×1.09×0.48107
Bed 1-but cn. (80×190) base for the mattress chipboard1.95×1.04×0.99116
Bed 1-but cn. (90×190) base for the mattress chipboard *1.95×1.04×1.09121
Bed 2 bd. (1.20×2.00) chipboard mattress base *2.08×1.04×1.39145
Bed 2 bd. (1.60×2.00) base for the mattress chipboard2.08×1.04×1.78178
Workplace DESK1.24×0.76×0.60m87
Workplace ANTRESOL1.24×0.68×0.39m64
Opened pencil case 165
Closed pencil case No. 1 165
Closed pencil case No. 2 165
* there is no pattern (s) on the foot0
Living rooms Facades lacquered 0
Capri wardrobe3.05×2.28×0.65m425
Capri showcase2.72×2.28×0.54m364
Capri showcase “TV”2.32×2.28×0.54m315
Capri 2 wardrobes3.42×2.28×0.64m503
Sandra2.42×2.08×0.52 m333
Verdi (niche for TV -sh-1.20 m. H-1.00 m.)2.75×2.38×0.55 m.533
Verdi (with glass) (niche for TV -sh-1.20 m. H-1.00 m.)2.75×2.38×0.55 m.552
Verdi (niche for TV -sh-1.20 m. H-1.00 m.)2.75×2.38×0.55 m.533
Verdi (with glass) (niche for TV -sh-1.20 m. H-1.00 m.)2.75×2.38×0.55 m.552
Living Room Facades MDF0
Diva 3.92×2.13×0.59m326
Marseille New 3.92×2.16×0.59m340
Marseille New TV3.92×2.16×0.59m340
Mona 3.10×2.16×0.56m246
Mona Lux 3.18×2.16×0.56m258
Polonaise 3.87×2.16×0.60m329
Polonaise Version3.87×2.16×0.60m340
Polonaise TV version3.87×2.16×0.60m340
Rio suite 3.07×2.15×0.59m274
City 3.07×2.14×0.59m252
Hallway DORA / DORA0
Hallway DORA option number 11.86×2.07×0.51 m.259
Hallway DORA option number 21.56×2.07×0.51 m.224
Hallway DORA option No. 31.11×2.07×0.51 m.165
Hallway shoe cabinet 71
Hallway ASTOR 1.351.35×1.95×0.52 m.208
Hallway ASTOR 1.81.8×1.95×0.52 m.257
Hallway ASTOR / ASTOR0
Hallway ASTOR 1.651.65×2.10×0.42 m.213
Hallway ASTOR 1.101.10×2.10×0.42 m.162
Hanger + bedside table “Alba”0.60×1.87×0.45m49



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