Typesetting system "TOSCANA LUCCA / TUSCANA LUCCA"

Facade: MDF embossed, patinated, varnished. Walnut color “Italian”, white – gold, white – silver. Beveled glass and mirror.
Body: color walnut “Caravaggio”, white.

The typesetting system consists of:

Collection itemWxHxD (m.)
Corner showcase0,77х2,32х0,77
Showcase 1-door #10,87х2,32х0,50
Showcase 1-door #20,87х2,32х0,50
Showcase 2-door #11,52х2,32х0,50
Showcase 2-door #21,52х2,32х0,50
Chest of drawers 2 doors1,91х1,11х0,49
Chest of drawers TV1,91х0,91х0,49
Chest of drawers 2 doors1,38х1,11х0,49
Chest of drawers – Bar1,62х1,31х0,49